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The 4.9% Marketing Plan

What is our 4.9% Marketing Plan?

Typically realtors have a commission plan of 6% – standard.

6% of the sell price.

What we offer is simply cost savings to you.

Instead of 6% commission, we offer full service at 4.9%.

Why would we do this?

We feel that 4.9% is a great commission!  We want to pass the savings on to you.

That’s it!

We offer you FULL SERVICE  as your realtor because we want you to choose us and save money.

We hope you will be our clients for LIFE and we hope you refer friends and family.



Need an example?

You are selling your home for $500,000.

Commission typically 6% = $30,000 split between realtors.

Our commission of 4.9%= $24,500 cost saving of $5,500- back in your wallet.

Among our clients

Professionals with:

  • Coca-Cola Enterprises
  • SunTrust
  • Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton
  • Boy Scouts of America
  • Saxby Chambliss Staff
  • Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
  • Airtran
  • US Department of Transportation
  • CNN
  • Northeast Georgia Medical Center
  • JP Morgan Chase.


Prompt Communication

Call/email/text anytime! Like you own personal doctor waiting to help in any way-we are here!

We are always available to answer the simplest of questions.  This may all be new and overwhelming to you.. but we are the experts.  Let us be your guide.


Cover Every Detail

Selling may seem stressful; it doesn’t have to be!  We know every step and who to call to make the sell of your home seamless.  We do it all the time!


Profession Brochures/Marketing

We know that first impressions matter!  Our advertising program is professional and classy- like you! Your listing on all major housing websites.


Closing Experts

No surprises at the closing table.  We think of every detail and have you prepared at closing. We will be right there to make sure it runs smoothly.


Let us help you find your dream home!

Why We Stand Out

We love metro Atlanta and you will too; let us show you!

Maybe you’re relocating from out of state or need more space with your growing family?

Location is everything!

But don’t forget about schools and being near activities your family loves to do.

You need the right home in the best neighborhood.  We know where to help you look, and in your price range.

Do you imagine a neighborhood filled with friends and an active social calendar?


What about being close to Trader Joes, Whole Foods and Target?


How would you like to be 10 minutes from the Braves or the Falcons stadium?


Atlanta really has it all!  Let’s find you that perfect neighborhood.

Best Locations

Tell us what your home dreams are and we will show you which location is perfect for you and your family.

Location is so important!

Best Schools

You may choose to send your children to private schools but remember, you will have the greatest home value by choosing a home in a good school system.  We know where you want to be.


Atlanta is known for traffic! You may be able to work remotely from home but you will still want the best location to avoid traffic.  We drive it everyday; let us navigate it for you.

Investment Property

You need the worst home in the best neighborhood- Let us help you find investment property.  Atlanta has some great opportunities.

Available On Your Time

We love showing and seeing new property too.  Don’t be surprised if we beg you to see a home first.  Always available!

Navigate The Process

This may be your first home or it’s been awhile.  No need to stress!  We help you navigate all the steps.  We know who to call for inspections and who the experts are. We make it easy for you.

What Our Clients Say


GM Square

Greg McAfee

REALTOR®. Team Leader.


Greg his wife Jessica and 3 boys have called Atlanta home now for 15 years. Jessica was raised in Smyrna and now they reside in East Cobb and love everything about it.

When Greg isn’t playing tennis, building forts in the backyard, or helping family and friends with jobs around the house, you will find Greg spending time with his wife and boys watching Star Wars or Indiana Jones movies.  The family love to visit Disney World, Hilton Head or go skiing in Colorado. Greg and his family are active in their church and believe it takes a village to raise a family.  They are so thankful to have an amazing community in East Cobb.

Real estate became a passion during the market crash 2008.  Things were slow then but he was able to make a name for himself when other realtors were leaving.

Now he loves helping people find their dream home; or selling to move on to bigger and better.  The Atlanta market is HOT right now and Greg is loving it!

Greg will seem like an old friend after your first chat!

E: greg@mcafeeteam.com
T: 404-939-4734 (call or text anytime)

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Whether you are in the market to Buy, Sell, or Lease,

The McAfee Team has the expertise to make your next move a smooth one.

If you’re a professional in your industry, then you understand the value of having a strategic consulting partner on your team. Our experience is in executing smooth transitions for buyers and sellers and facilitating seamless professional transactions. We have an evolved network of elite business and personal contacts that we can put to work for you. Naturally, that begins with real estate resources including skilled title attorneys and lenders. With over 20 years in the financial industry and over 12 years in real estate  experience we understand the nuances of the Atlanta market, the finer distinctions between its neighborhoods, and the impact that differing schools and transportation options bring to neighborhood values.

Client base: Our clients include professionals with Coca-Cola Enterprises, SunTrust, Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, Boy Scouts of America, Saxby Chambliss Staff, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Airtran, US Department of Transportation, CNN, Northeast Georgia Medical Center, and JP Morgan Chase.

Specialty Sales: If you’re contemplating a short sale, purchasing a foreclosure, or relocating, we’re an expert on these processes and would be delighted to speak to you confidentially about this.

Our objective is to help you achieve your goals by offering sound counsel on the market’s conditions and offer appropriate valuation metrics and negotiation strategies. Never underestimate the value that superior real estate counsel can bring to even seasoned sellers…to help them avoid making the kind of mistakes that we’re called on to correct every day. Our promise is to serve you with integrity and commitment. We are straight talkers and more than willing to partner around your personal budget considerations.  We take a consultative approach to real estate and make it easy for our clients to work with us.

Team Members

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M: 404-939-4734

call or text anytime



Let's start a project together!

Talking to us doesn’t commit you to anything-Really.

Think of us as a friend you call for advice.  You need an expert and that’s us.

Even if you aren’t ready today to buy/sell; planning ahead and talking about options is so critical.

Home ownership is one of the biggest investments you will make- make it the

right investment!

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